Our Mission

RED Food seeks to change the way our local restaurant industry eats"local".

A local food movement goes much further than buying local food. We believe in "local" not as a buzzword or marketing technique, but as an indicator of community. Connecting farmers to restaurants through RED's platform is only a part of strengthening local food systems, just as strengthening local food systems is a part of strengthening community. We aren't proposing that we have a solution - but we believe that we can be a part of it.

There is something powerful going on in the Twin Cities food world. There has been for some time. We want to be a part of it.

Our Partners

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"Local" can mean many things...

For now, RED Food is focusing on serving farms and restaurants in roughly a 100-mile radius of the Twin Cities. As RED Food grows, we're hoping we can make that circle bigger and serve more communities.


Whether you're a CSA farmer who has unsold shares, sells each weekend at the farmers' market, or already sells some produce to restaurants, selling produce can be challenging.

RED Food is here to ensure that you have a destination for your produce before you harvest it. We prevent excess produce from going unsold by helping you market your produce to our network of restaurants. Using RED's online market allows you more time in the field or relaxing on the weekends.

RED Food's online platform allows farmers to enter their products into our database for free, providing instant sales potential to every restaurant who subscribes to our service. It's pretty simple - upload your products, wait for a notification from us letting you know you sold your produce, confirm, and deliver. RED Food completes the financial transaction using electronic payment.

RED Food adds a small percentage to the produce you sell upon transaction; this fee allows us to not only improve the tool itself, but also promote your produce to Twin Cities restaurants. Chefs are waiting to buy your produce - we're here to help you get it to them.


We get it - running a restaurant doesn't leave a lot of time to search and contact farmers with the right types, quality levels, and availability of produce that you need NOW.

RED Food brings all of the farmers to YOU in a searchable, online database, allowing you to connect with hundreds of farmers with the click of one button.

Chefs know what they want - that's why we made an extensively searchable database, where chefs or sourcing managers are able to search by geographical location, farm name, types of produce, quality levels of produce, and more terms, allowing you to know exactly what's showing up in your kitchen.

RED Food adds a small fee to the produce you purchase, retaining this amount to continually improve and build the tool. This fee merely allows us to expand our business to better serve YOU.

RED Food also gives you the visibility that your customers are looking for - allowing you to display your committment to locally sourced food while serving dishes made with freshly harvested, sustainably produced food.

Team RED

Katie Myhre

Katie Myhre

Chief of Strategy
Malika-Naomi Dale

Malika-Naomi Dale

Chief of Operations
Nick Nguyen

Nick Nguyen

Tech Advisor

RED Food began as an idea that became a conversation, then quickly morphed into a plan. It was started by three friends at St. Olaf College (Katie Myhre, Malika Dale, Camille Morley) who came together around one thing: FOOD. Food is all-encompassing of culture and community, and we believe we can strengthen our local food system by enabling both farmers and restaurants to do business in our culture and community.